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ResourceHandler (Java(TM) EE 7 Specification APIs) ResourceHandler defines a path based packaging convention for resources. The default implementation of ResourceHandler must support packaging resources in the classpath or in the web application root. See section JSF.2.6.1 of the spec prose document linked in the overview summary for the normative specification of packaging resources. Composite Components in JSF 2.0 – Since JSF 2.0, it’s very easy to create a reusable component, known as composite components.In this tutorial, we show you how to create a simple composite components (stored as “register.xhtml“), which is an user registration form, includes name and email text fields (h:inputText) and a submit button (h:commandButton).In addition, we also show you how to use it.

These tutorials cover JSF 2 using the Mojarra JavaServer Faces implementation and Apache Tomcat, but all of the code should run equally well with Apache MyFaces 2 (on any servlet 2.5 server) or on any Java EE server. JSF 2 is dramatically better than JSF 1 in almost every way, and is both more powerful and easier to use.

If you mean that you don't see the JSF tags when you use the View Page Source command in your browser, that's because web browsers don't understand JSF. Part of JSF is a layer known as the rendering layer. Its responsibility is to render the JSF tags in a way that the client can understand. JSF Error Messages Example Tutorial - JournalDev In the above JSF page the required=true is set so that the field is mandatory and the validation message is displayed from a file called which is present in the JSF jars. For minimum and maximum length validation we use tag which validates against the minimum and maximum number of characters and prints the ... Log4j – Configuring Log4j 2 - Apache Log4j 2 Configuration of Log4j 2 can be accomplished in 1 of 4 ways: Through a configuration file written in XML, JSON, YAML, or properties format. Programmatically, by creating a ConfigurationFactory and Configuration implementation.

WTP Tutorials - JavaServer Faces Tools Tutorial Summary ... Make the Web Page Editor the default editor for JSP pages The JSF Tools Project-contributed Web Page Editor (WPE) is NOT registered as the default editor for JSP files. ... Check the is JSF Implementation check box when adding the Sun JSF RI library.

Support has been increased for AS 7.1+ and it’s derived products and it now supports the notion of a product slot instead of an hard coded EAP slot. This should mean EAP, SOA-P etc. should be identified and started correctly as long as they do not require custom handling outside of what AS 7 need. The Java EE 6 Web Tier: JSF 2 Gains Facelets, Composite ... In the second of two articles looking at the Java EE 6 Web Tier we turn our attention to JSF 2.0, looking both at the new features and where the ideas for them came from. JSF 2.0 addresses many compla IBM Fix list for IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.0

6 days ago ... OpenShift also makes it easier for your applications to implement common microservice patterns such as ...... Default JSF implementation slot.

JSF Anti-Patterns and Pitfalls - DZone Java JSF Anti-Patterns and Pitfalls ... The PostConstruct annotation insures that the JSF implementation will not create an invalid Iteration, but there is no way to make sure the JSF implementation ... JSF Anti-Patterns and Pitfalls -